Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Malcolm McInerney (Australia) 

Malcolm McInerney considers that quality geographical education is critical for a relevant and balanced school curriculum and has been heavily involved in the development, teaching and promotion of the geography learning area in Australia for many years. Malcolm has been a strong advocate for the skills of GIS in the recently developed Australian curriculum and the use of such technology in the classroom on a regular basis. To this end, Malcolm has conducted hundreds of professional learning activities and developed numerous teaching resources to build the capacity of teachers to use GIS in their classroom in an integrated and meaningful way.

Di Wilmot (South Africa)

Di Wilmot is a Professor of Education and the Dean of the Education Faculty at Rhodes University. Before being elected Dean in 2010, she was a driving force behind initial teacher education at Rhodes University for more than a decade. Trained as a high school geography teacher, she continues to be involved in geography teacher education and research. Her current research interests include curriculum and pedagogical transformation since democracy in different southern African contexts. Di is a regular participant in international education processes which include piloting and further developing a Climate Change Education module for teacher educators as part of UNESCO's Re-orienting Teacher Education to Address Sustainability Initiative (Toronto, 2012). She was recently appointed as a member of the Steering Committee of the International Geographical Union's (IGU) Commission on Geography Education for the period 2017-2021. She is a co-author of Schooling for Sustainable Development in Africa, which completes Springer's eight book global series. Di is also on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Geography Education in Southern Africa (JoGESA).

Stephen Mather (USA)

Stephen Mather is the GIS Manager Cleveland Metroparks, Ohio. He is a fount of GIS technical knowledge and advice as the many followers of his blog ( will attest to. He is a co-author of the PostGIS Cookbook.

As Drones / UAVS / RPAS fill our skies, the need to process their vast image outputs grows ceaselessly. While there are proprietary tools to perform SfM (Structure from Motion) processing to 'orthorectify' imagery coming off RPAS, having an open source alternative would really open the market. That is just what Stephen did when he started the OpenDroneMap, where he is the project lead.

Stephen will be giving a keynote address as well as a talk and workshop, covering various topics that might just include OpenDroneMap and PostGIS but also Gorillas in Rwanda and flood mapping Dar es Salaam, amongst other suprises.

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