FOSS4G Africa 2017

St John's College, Houghton, Johannesburg

SAGTA and GeoforAll sub-conference 26-28 June

OSGeo and QGIS UG sub-conference 28-30 June

* 3 CPD Points *

(South African Geomatics Council, for 28-30 June)

Pre-conference teachers' tour: 25 June

SASDI workshop 27 June

FOSS4G Codesprint + UN GIS Hackathon 1 July at JCSE

OSGeo Africa and the South African QGIS User Group invite you to the first regional FOSS4G event in Africa and the first national QGIS User Group conference.

We will be joined by SAGTA (Southern African Geography Teachers' Association) and GeoforAll.

It will be nine years since the international FOSS4G 2008 in Cape Town and one year from the founding of the South African QGIS User Group. It is also a lead-up to FOSS4G 2018 in Dar es Salaam.

As a wave of 'Openness' - open source, open data, open everything - sweeps across the world and gains traction and momentum in every facet of society, there couldn't be a better opportunity to share what you and others are doing.

Furthermore, GIS is part of the curriculum in South African schools, yet schools and teachers are poorly equipped to teach it, let alone use it to teach Geography and other subjects. That's why we've teamed up with the world of secondary and tertiary education.

Sponsorship and exhibiting

This event offers sponsors and exhibitors unique opportunities to:

  • Establish new relationships with the Free and Open Source Software movement
  • Generate new product ideas
  • Build community relationships
  • Improve market knowledge and reach
  • Learn about innovative technologies

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The South African QGIS User Group is an open community of professionals and enthusiast who use QGIS..


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